[Current] Hierarchy, articulation and transformation

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[Current] Hierarchy, articulation and transformation

Post by max on Mon 19 Aug - 14:46


Feature description

Transformation mode will infer a local hierarchy on your model so that you can articulate and transform a group of vertices.
This is very usefull to pose a model or make global adjustment once the big work is made.

How to enable and use the feature

In view mode, maintain t pressed to enter transformation mode.
Then :

  • Click on a vertex to select it as the anchor (It appears in red): a local hierarchjy is inferred from this point. Colors show the groups you can modify.
  • Click on a second vertex to choose a group and a second moving point

    • Clicking right will enter a group rotation mode. The rotation occurs on the sphere centered on the anchor and passing through your second selected vertex
    • Clicking left will enter a group translation mode. The second selected vertex is the one from which the user lead the translation.
    • Scrolling will perform an axis rotation around the axis given by the anchor and the second selected vertex.

Note : please keep in mind that symmetry may limit you move (especially rotations). You can remove all symmetries using the "Break all symmetry relations" button in the parameters menu (on the left).
Removing symmetry is a one way action, so be careful with this.


Select the anchorRotate arms
Translate headBreak constraints and rotate head
Current state

This feature is released.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!



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