[Experimental] Ray tracing rendering

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[Experimental] Ray tracing rendering

Post by max on Mon 19 Aug - 16:34


Feature description

Raytracing is a rendering technique which can provide better visual results than the classic rasterizing techniques.

Skimlab uses meshless representation, which leads to expensive rendering time : we first compute the mesh then give it to your GPU which displays it on your screen. This is necessary to export, or 3D print, but not for visualization.

In hope of getting much better rendering result, we are experiencing with direct per pixel raytracing on our internal surface structure.

How to enable and use the feature

To enable the feature, check the corresponding box on the parameters panel :

When enabled, the feature changes the rendering pipeline of skimlab.
Therefore, both the skeleton and the surface will be ray traced (which is for now quite long, especially for the surface).


Scorpion back without raytracing (Polygonized)
Scorpion back with raytracing
Current state

This feature is experimental (online but not stable).

This feature is developed by Jack, who will be glad to answer your questions here!

Note : WebGL is at an early development stage too, and we are pushing it to its limits. Therefore, you may encounter issues on some GPUs (like complete crash).

Comments and suggestions are welcome!



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