[Current] Ring primitive

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[Current] Ring primitive

Post by max on Mon 19 Aug - 17:51


Feature description

A special skeleton primitive to shape a ring.
This feature has been designed anticipating the release of skimring, a specialized version of skimlab optimized for jewelry creation.

How to enable and use the feature

For now we don't have nice interface to make a ring.
The easiest way to begin a ring is to go on to use the "basic ring" object that you can find in the gallery, or its direct link HERE.

Then save your own version of the ring, and you can play with it Smile

The feature allow you to add constraints on the ring (double click on the ring in Edit mode).
Those constraints can be moved freely in space and the ring will be curved to ensuite the constraint points are matched.

Of course, you can create other primitives like segments connected to the ring via the constraints points.


Skeleton of a simple ringRendered simple surface
Skeleotn of a modified ringRendered modified surface
Here is a more advanced example of a ring made using this primitive :

Current state

This feature is released but creation interface is currently lacking on skimlab.

This feature is developed by Herve, who will be glad to answer your questions here!

Comments and suggestions are welcome!


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Re: [Current] Ring primitive

Post by hrohou on Tue 20 Aug - 7:46

As stated by Max, I am developping this feature and will be glad to answer any question you might have.

Following this are screenshots of models making use of the ring primitive.


And below are links to skimlab models, if you feel the need to edit those rings:
Tribal Mask Cat Ring
Cat Ring
Fish Head Ring


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