[Current] Merging vertices

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[Current] Merging vertices

Post by max on Tue 20 Aug - 12:25


Feature description

Simple fonction to merge a given vertex with another.
The first vertex will be destroyed and all its connection given to the second.

How to enable and use the feature

In view mode, maintain r pressed to enter merge mode.
Then :

  • Click on a vertex to select it as the vertex to merge (It appears in red)
  • Click on a second vertex to bring the first vertex on the second
  • The merge is complete, note that the first vertex data (position, thickness) are lost.

Note : merging 2 symmetric vertices together will not really merge them but just bring them on the x=0 plane.


Choose the vertex to mergeChoose the target vertexComplete the merge
Current state

This feature is released.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!



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